Solved: Add channels to Thing in OH3 manually?

Hi community,

I recently switched from OH 25 to 3.0. In OH2.5 I was able to switch GuestWifi of my Fritz!Box on/off using the TR064 binding. I also added the TR064 binding in my OH3.0, but I’m missing the channel for the GuestWifi. Is this something I would be able to add by configuration?

many thanks!


After approving the tr064 thing, you need to trigger a new scan to get the virtual devices which hold the missing channels…

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Great! that worked.
Thanks a lot.

I am also trying to use the new tr064 binding trying to familiarize with openhab 3, but I do not find how to trigger such a virtual device scan. Does it correspond to adding equipment or points? I’ve tried but nothing happens.
Thank you for your attention

Go to Things -> Inbox
Hit the + symbol and select tr064 binding, then start scan

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From this scan, I was able to add “Subdevice Lan” thing: tr064:subdeviceLan
Now within that thing, I would like to manually add the channels for online status of my DHCP clients, via macOnline channel. I found OH3 - Fritz Box TR064 Add-on, Binding - #42 by MriX but cannot figure out where/how to add this. Would anybody be kind enough to explain to me?

Thanks, Gregor

Just found this: [tr064] MAC online detection is not working · Issue #9523 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub which solves my problem.