[SOLVED] Add Homekit Binding

Hello, trying to install the Homekit add-on. I know that I can go to add one misc and then Homekit Integration and select install. I would like to use the add-ons.cfg instead though and backing up and restoring is easier than re configuring everything again so that is my main goal. I have edited addons.cfg and added Homekit to the binding =
I then restarted but it didn’t install. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong please. ?

Using addons.cfg is not required to be able to backup and restore your configuration of your installed bindings or the binding configs. If you are using openhab-cli backup/restore, all of your installed bindings and their configurations are included in the backup. If you have a manual backup and restore system, you just need to include the $OH_USERDATA folder (exclude $OH_USERDATA/cache and $OH_USERDATA/tmp) in your backup. There are lots of stuff in $OH_USERDATA that you should be including in a backup anyway so if you are not backing up this folder right now, you are not fully backing up openHAB.

To add a binding to addons.cfg, you need to know the ID of the binding and you have to add it to the right section. The easiest way to figure both out is to find it in PaperUI or look in the docs. In PaperUI you will find the binding under the “Misc” category. In the docs you will find the binding under the “Systems Integrations” section which corresponds to the “Misc” category. Thus you need to add it to the misc line in addons.cfg.

For the ID, in PaperUI you can figure out the ID by looking at the full ID. The ID listed in PaperUI is misc-homekit. The first part is the category so the ID is just homekit. Case matters. In the docs, you can look at the URL which ends with #homekit-add-on. The first part is binding ID.

But, like I said above, if your only purpose of doing this is to enable backups, don’t. You should be including $OH_USERDATA in your backups anyway and when you do that you will get backups of your bindings and their configurations.

Thank you so much for explaining this so eloquently. Really appreciated. Many many thanks.