[SOLVED] Add Hue Lamp over .things File

Hey Everyone,

Each time i start to add a new Hue device i am not able to do it right away without using the auto discover from the Paper UI

Can someone explane me step by step how i can add a new hue light without the auto discover and only over the .items and .things file ?

Thanks !!!

Crap, i forgot i have some time ago created a more or less sim. Request…

But still have some toubles. Here the old one =(

But well, so what i have done to get my Hue Go running:

  1. Add it to the Hue app on my iPhone and give him a name
  2. Add following to my .things file, nummer 6 is the new one
Bridge hue:bridge:1 [ ipAddress="", userName="blablabla" ] {
	0210 1 [ lightId="1" ]
	0210 2 [ lightId="2" ]
	0210 3 [ lightId="3" ]
	0210 4 [ lightId="4" ]
	0210 5 [ lightId="5" ]
	0210 6 [ lightId="6" ]
  1. Create on the .items
Color	HUE6	"Hue 6" (all, Licht_OG, HueSchlafzimmer) { channel="hue:0210:1:6:color" }

  1. Create on the Sitemap to test
	Colorpicker item=HUE6

and, nothing happening … The other Hue 1 - 5 works totaly fine …

I don’t know, maybe the wrong way or how so ever … thanks for ryourr help!

And a other Upgrade :slight_smile:

restart… it helps … after the Restart all its fine, works and i can add new Hue without problems “again”