[SOLVED] After restoring last backup no connection to dashboard possible

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* Hardware: Raspi4 
* openHAB version: 3.0.1

After experimenting with my overview page (for styling) I failed to set things back to normal (and the site was uglier than before). So I thought, it would be the easiest way to restore a backup form yesterday night - the backup which I created with the config tool. So I went to the config and restored it (entry 51 of the tool).

As far as I can remember, the restoration was successful. Nevertheless, when I try to connect to my dashboard with my browser(s) (192.168.0.###/8080) the browser say “…hat die Verbindung abgelehnt” ("…connection was rejected"). Raspi is on and I can log in with putty. The files are there (connection with WinSCP). Grafana (192.168.0.###/3000) can be reached.

I don´t know what I can do - since I don´t want to ruin more than I had allready ruined.

Please Help!


This did the trick (for OH3 also) : Clear the Cache