[SOLVED] Alexa control question

Trying out a simple TTS command using Alexa Control but Alexa is staying quiet… what could I be missing?

I’m simply calling Echo_Kitchen_TTS.sendCommand(“The front door is opened”) when I get a door open event. The event is being called fine - lights come on and logging confirms it.

I have a things file as shown in the tutorial containing the serial numbers (anything else in that file need replacing?) along with the string definitions in my items file (in a group). I’m not defining anything else, just the TTS line.

Anything obvious? Any experienced words of wisdom to save me some time :slight_smile:

What is the log exactly saying?
At what level is the TextToSpeekVolume (which is a separate channel)?

Is that thing online?
Why didn’t you use the paperUI to create your thing?

Solved… simply using the wrong channel details in the items file. Copying from PaperUI was much easier… Thanks.

Please tick the solution, thanks

Slowly getting the hang of this :slight_smile: