[SOLVED] Alexa no devices myopenhab

Hi i try to connect my Alexa Device with my openhab but the Items where not found. I have configured the openhab connector and tagged the Items with the tags from Api V3.
Is there a chance that myopenhab is not working anymore? I use Openhab 2.5 M3 with docker.


Stop. Go back and remove all those Items from openHAB Connector config. You only need to do that for IFTTT integration. Adding those Items only exacerbates the overload on the myopenhab.org server and does nothing for Alexa integration.

Please read and follow the instructions for Alexa integration https://www.openhab.org/docs/ecosystem/alexa/#amazon-alexa-smart-home-skill.

Adding the Item metadata is sufficient for Alexa to see it.


I have not exposed the Items through the connector. Just tagged them. Alexa cant find them.

Did you go over the troubleshooting guidelines?

Make sure that your server is showing online when logging into your openHAB cloud service account.

Yes, i have done that before. After a little while the Problem solved itself. Now Alexa finds the Items. Thanks @all


It sounds like you didn’t trigger a manual discovery update after you changed your configuration.