SOLVED - Alexa V3 - Set Speaker to level


I’m on openHab 2.5.4 and I’m trying to shift to Alexa V3, which is really cool.
I’ve set up a receiver:

Group Fernseher "Fernseher" {alexa="Endpoint.Speaker"}
Switch LG_Power "Power" (Fernseher) {alexa="PowerController.powerState"}
Dimmer LG_Volume "TV Lautstärke" (Fernseher)  {alexa="Speaker.volume" [increment="3"]}

Alexa recognizes “Fernseher” and I can switch it on and of.
I can tell Alexa “Fernseher louder” (or Fernseher lauter in my case), which increments the Dimmer-value by 3. So far so good. :slight_smile:

Previously, when I used the “TV Lautstärke” without the group I always told Alexa “TV Lautstärke auf 10” to set the volume to 10. After changing it to the group value this is not possible anymore. I cannot use “Fernseher auf 10” to set it to 10.

Is there a workaroud for that? What is the reason for this behaviour or what would the right command for Alexa?

Thanks for your work and your help!

edit: solved it by myself… the command I used was wrong. In German “Alexa, Fernseher Lautstärke 10” works like a charm, so in english it might be “Fernseher volume 10” works. But the “Lautstärke” or “volume” in the command is obviously needed. Thanks anyway.


Awesome - Thank you!
I was struggling with the same stuff :slight_smile:

As a side note, since you are controlling a TV, why don’t you set your group endpoint as TV instead of Speaker?

Group Fernseher "Fernseher" {alexa="Endpoint.TV"}