[SOLVED] Alexa: wrong device names in skill when using paper ui and simple mode

I am pretty new to openhab. And maybe I am just overwhelmed.
I would like to use Alexa for home automation. The skill seems to work, Alexa finds my devices.
However all devices are called “Lighting” instead of the names, which makes it impossible to control them using Alexa.
I am using the simple item mode.
I already tried to disable it, but I could not change the existing item labels. Creating new items using the paper ui had no luck for me and alexa.

To clarify my questions:

  • What do I have to do that the paper ui and alexa skill fit together?
  • Can I still use the simple mode?

Please have a look at the screenshot. (“Helligkeit” is german and means “brightness” but i am pretty sure that this is just a translation issue and it should be “lighting”).

Alexa devices:


Paper UI:

Thanks a lot.

Hey, as far as I know, there is no way of renaming once created. You would need to create a new thing, link the item and delete the old thing. Renaming would be a nice addition though.

This may be able to be done in the paper ui. I don’t think it hurts to spend some time trying to figure it out.

I would though suggest setting up the items using files. This will allow you to change and name very easy.

It will make changes much easier.

Thank you guys.
After your posts I had a closer look at: https://docs.openhab.org/addons/ios/alexa-skill/readme.html
It is said that I can use .items files or the REST API for the setting of tags.
Tags are necessary for the alexa skill.
And it is also said: PaperUI does not yet allow manipulation of tags

I already tried both the REST API and the .items files. Both work well, but I guess I will prefer the .items files.

Thanks a lot!


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