[Solved] Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill - no endpoints are discovered with second amazon account

I have an already working setup. openHAB is connect to myopenhab.org openHAB cloud service. Cloud service is linked to Amazon Alexa. All my items are available to my Alexa devices.

Now I have tried to link my cloud service to another Amazon account. Under “my devices” (myopenhab.org) I can see two entries, the working one and also the newly added account. But no items are available to the Alexa devices with the second Amazon account, even if I manually discover new devices.

Is someone here who has ever tried this? I don’t even know whether two linked accounts are supported. Couldn’t find this in the documentation. Any help would be great.

Now I have deleted all connected applications in my myopenhab.org account. I deavtivated tho openhab skill in the alexa app. Then I activated the alexa skill and authorized it again. As a result, I see a new application within the myopenhab.org account. Also the openhab skill in the alexa app shows as linked (“verknüpft”).

Log shows that openhab is connected to the cloud services:

2020-11-02 16:47:04.174 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Connected to the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

BUT: Searching for new devices within the alexa app doesn’t any device at all. Any idea what is going wrong?

Have you made any changes to your Alexa configuration compared to the items previously linked to your other account? If so, make sure to go over the troubleshooting guide.

Thanks for this hint.

I dindn’t change the configuration recently and all items worked like a charm. Cloud service is configured with mode “notifications + remote access”. But maybe some configuration change leads to alexa not being able to discover new devices. Unfortunately I don’t know whether this would be logged somewhere. I could try to change my items configuration to only a single item and then ask alexa to discover new items.

Does anybody know, whether “exposed items” in the openHAB cloud configuration is evaluated either by myopenhab.org itself or by alexa? if so, is there an option to use all items?

I removed all my items files and testes them one by one. Indeed there was one item alexa or the cloud connector had problems with. When I activated this item, none of all the other items could be discovered by alexa. Unfortunately I didn’t ever try to manage that item via alexa. It was an item which I created one year ago and I never changed the item definition at all. For Alexa worked like a charm with all other items I didn’t notice that something was broken since then.

To test whether my further configuration changes don’t break alexa compatibility I’ll delete and (re)discover one item in the alexa app, so I get an immediate feedback.

I also tested whether the parameter “exposed items” in the openHAB cloud configuration would be evaluated. Result: It is not evaluated. I could see and access any item in the alexa app, even if I only chose one specific item as “exposed item”.

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This is only used for items to expose via IFTTT service and not with with the Alexa integration.

In the gui I saw " IFTTT and similar services" so I wasn’t sure whether alexa is concerned. Thanks for this insight and for your hint about configuration changes.