[SOLVED] Amazon dash button: Steps for a complete setup

  • /srv/openhab2-userdata/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/pcap4j-core-1.6.6.jar
  • /srv/openhab2-userdata/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/pcap4j-packetfactory-static-1.6.6.jar
  • /var/lib/openhab2/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/pcap4j-core-1.6.6.jar
  • /var/lib/openhab2/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/pcap4j-packetfactory-static-1.6.6.jar
  • /srv/openhab2-userdata/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/jna-4.2.1.jar
  • /var/lib/openhab2/cache/org.eclipse.osgi/188/0/.cp/lib/jna-4.2.1.jar
  • /srv/openhab2-sys/runtime/system/org/slf4j/slf4j-api/1.7.12/slf4j-api-1.7.12.jar
  • /srv/openhab2-sys/runtime/system/org/slf4j/slf4j-api/1.7.7/slf4j-api-1.7.7.jar
  • /usr/share/openhab2/runtime/system/org/slf4j/slf4j-api/1.7.12/slf4j-api-1.7.12.jar
  • /usr/share/openhab2/runtime/system/org/slf4j/slf4j-api/1.7.7/slf4j-api-1.7.7.jar

I neither find “pcap4j-sample.jar” nor “org.pcap4j.sample.SendArpRequest”…

Ok, now I know, the above command makes no sense, as I seem to not have samples! :wink: Is there a way to check the libpcap-Installation? As I wrote in my thread, the dashbutton worked for a day or to and then stopped - neither reboot nor OH2-restart seem to help…

Did you set up your dash button with the amazon app or did you nothing?

as described in the docs: I stopped at the last step within the amazon app. After that, it worked for a day or two…

Maybe DHCP gave it a new IP? Have you tried a fixed IP for the dashbutton?

@binderth SendArpRequest is a .class inside pcap4j-sample.jar.
Maybe the only thing is missing is: pcap4j-sample.jar. But I don’t know if you can find one which is corresponding to your installation. You can find it e.g. here:


I guess version 1.6.6 is fitting to your pcap4j-core-1.6.6.jar

Then your command could be (but I don’t really know!!) like this:

java -cp pcap4j-core-1.6.6.jar:pcap4j-packetfactory-static-1.6.6.jar:pcap4j-sample-1.6.6.jar:jna-4.2.1.jar:slf4j-api-1.7.12.jar org.pcap4j.sample.SendArpRequest


java -cp pcap4j-core-1.6.6.jar:pcap4j-packetfactory-static-1.6.6.jar:pcap4j-sample-1.6.6.jar:jna-4.2.1.jar:slf4j-api-1.7.7.jar org.pcap4j.sample.SendArpRequest


Maybe this is why your dash button doesn´t work anymore?

What is your Model No. ?

I bought 5 new Dash Buttons (in Germany) 4 weeks ago. They are all running! But I had to add them manually. I just filled in the MAC-Address!

Can you tell me how you will use the buttons? I have some dash buttons running and no ideas where I can use them everywhere.

I use them all as a switch. For turning on/off: Lights, Hifi, Wifi-Sockets, switching actions for Harmony Hub, and so on…

Did you add them in the PaperUI as Things?
I configured them solely via config-files - After some digging into the case, I learned, the binding doesn’t need the dash buttons as a Thing, just in a rule, so I deleted them from my .thing configuration file and only have them in the rules - but as expected this didn’t change anything… They don’t fire as they did just after the Installation…

I don’t think mine go into factory reset or anything - as the appear online in my Fritz.Box UI and I can ping them, if activated - so I assume some configuration issues within OH2…
My model numbers are also JK29LP for the five new ones - the old ones are glued to my washing machine and dryer and I don’t want to remove them! :wink:

Did you add them in the PaperUI as Things?

Yes, I configured them via PaperUI. I don’t have a .things file for my Dash Buttons. My older ones were detected by searching in inbox (PaperUI -->inbox --> “Search for things” --> “Amazon Dash Button Binding” --> Pressing my new Dash Button once --> then it was detected automatically and shown in inbox -->click on the blue hook --> add as thing.
My newer ones: I had to do an other procedure: PaperUI --> inbox–> “Search for things” --> “Amazon Dash Button Binding” --> Pressing my new Dash Button once -->nothing is shown in inbox -->Add manually --> “Amazon Dash Button” --> Configuration --> Select network interface --> fill in MAC-Address! MAC-Address format is: 00:80:41:ae:fd:7e That’s it!

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This is wrong. You don’t need any items, but you definitely need a thing, either via autodiscovery or via manual thing file.

See also: http://docs.openhab.org/concepts/index.html

I have the same behavior, the dash button dont appear in the inbox, but work, if I add it manually. That works for me, but did anybody know, why it dont appear in the inbox?
Its just for my curiosity.

@ktams I guess it depends on the MAC-ADDRESS. If the pattern is not matching then you have to add it manually.

Yes, I’m right, see here:

Line 59 ff

The newer ones have other MAC-Addresses…

@oliver Do you know about this? New Amazon Dash Buttons have new MAC-Addresses! Automatic detection is not working!

My new ones begin with:


Could you please insert them into AmazonDashButtonDiscoveryService.java ??

Thanx a lot!

ok, I see. My buttons begins also with 68:37:e9

@ktams see also this: issue-2444

Thanks for the heads up. confused :confused: as I was! :wink:

in the meantime, I digged deep and after some hours comparing the prod setup with my test setup (where I successfully managed to install the dashbuttons), I found out, that on my prod setup somehow the libpcap-installation was removed. I’m not sure, how this could happen. At some stage I used “apt-get autoremove” for some unused package… But I never explicitely removed libpcap. After reinstalling and rebooting (not sure how to achieve this without reboot), it works now again as intended.

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I now use amazon dash button in another way.

Please can someone tell me, how i can remove the installed lipcap things like described in the first post?

Do i have to change the setcap command back to its previous state? How?

This is what i did to install it:

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev
sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip `realpath /usr/bin/java`

Is this the right command?

sudo apt-get remove libpcap-dev

Or do i have to use autoremove including dependencies?) What about revert the changes made to setcap?