[SOLVED] % and roller shutter


i would like have the position off my roller schutter. With knx ets i have a gad with this position (5.001 percentage) but i can’t have a value with sitemap or habpanel.

in items :
Number volet_sdb2 "sdb2 [%d %%] { knx=“1/1/0” }

in sitemap :
text item=volet_sdb2 label="volet sdb2 [%d %%]

have you got an idea.

thank you very much.


Number volet_sdb2 "sdb2 [%d %%]" { knx=“1/1/0” }
Text item=volet_sdb2 label="volet sdb2 [%d %%]"


Default item=volet_sdb2

PS: What editor do you use?

i use pluma, and inkscape for my visualisation.

have you got the correct sentence to put in items file and in inkscape. with my température no problèm so i think it’s the same with a number.

with sitemap the temperature do not work


Vs Code has a syntax-ceck for openHAB.

What about volet_sdb2 and please post the code for the temperature-item. What does not work?

i install vs code and nothing wrong

i solved my problèm with temperature (item in sitemap was wrong)

now i alway a problèm with my roller shutter. the DPT is 5.001 percentage, the flags is :communication, read an transmission.

for the items :
Number volet_sdb2 “sdb2 [%d %%]” { knx=“1/1/0” }

and sitemap
Text item=volet_sdb2 label=“volet sdb2 [%d %%]”

i’m don’t know very well openhab, could you tell me how i can see (i think in karaf consol) if my roller shutter send the percentage to openhab.


Look in the events.log oder use LogViewer

In case of Rollershutter, just use the Rollershutter Item, as it’s designed for Rollershutters. With knx1:

Rollershutter volet_sdb2 "sdb2 [%d %%]" {knx="1/1/2, 1/1/3, 1/1/1 + <1/1/0"}


  • 1/1/2 = Move UP/DOWN
  • 1/1/3 = Step UP/DOWN
  • 1/1/1 = Command absolute position
  • 1/1/0 = State absolute Position (Requestable)
    For read/write in sitemap, use
Switch item=volet_sdb2

For read-only in sitemap, use

Text item=volet_sdb2

If you want to use a DPT5.001 in a Number Item, I think you have to set the DPT:

Number myNumberItem "Percentage is [%d %%]" {knx="5.001:1/1/0"}

But be aware that only one Item will be updated from a knx group telegram when using the same GA in different Items.

thank you verry much it’s work.

so i put in item :

Number volet_sdb2 “Percentage is [%d %%]” { knx=“5.001:1/1/0” }

Yes. But be aware that GA 1/1/0 must not apear in any other knx bound item.

Number volet_sdb2 "Percentage is [%d %%]" {knx="5.001:1/1/0"}

ok i just need one and it’s work verry good

perhaps you can help with the percentage and floorplan. i would like drawbar for know where is the rollershuter. i know how hiden a draw when the percentage is equal to 10% for exemple. i want hidden or show a drawbar when it’s < or > or equal to 10. do you know how.

{“switch-on”: itemState(volet_sdb2’)==‘10’} (but how <>or =)

i don’t know where i can find exemple of syntax for my css.file or my objects, i know hidden but i don’t show

thanks a lot

Sorry, I dont know how to configure HABmin…

ok thanks