[SOLVED] [Android App] Sending alarm not working on Android 4.4.2

I know the android version is rather old, however this is the device in use as the “Alarm Clock”. I’m setting up the functionality and all parts are working except the sending of the alarm from this device. It is working as documented on others (Android 8.1.0).
Is this a known limitation?

The API we use was added in Android 5: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/AlarmManager#getNextAlarmClock()
The preference is removed on unsupported devices: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/blob/master/mobile/src/main/java/org/openhab/habdroid/ui/PreferencesActivity.kt#L361

There’s nothing we can do about.

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Thanks for info, I did and do NOT see this as an issue.
I really like this feature!
My use-case:
For wakeup-times out off the normal the schedule for the heating system (especially the hot water for the shower) I can check prior the wakeup-time if there is already hot water and if not trigger the system to provide such.
No more yelling from the bathroom…:grinning: