[SOLVED] Aqara Xiaomi Gateway Homekit Version connect to OpenHAB

(Fabian) #1

Hello guys,

did someone of u connect the Aqara Gateway to OpenHab? The Way with about in the mi Home App doesn‘t work. Look at the Picture. The First strugle with binding it to the mi Home App is fixed. But for this Problem i found mi Solution.

For the old Gateway ist solved with the Developer Mode. But i Cano activ it.

Please help

(Angelos) #2

It seems that the new version of this Mi Home App does not have the option to enable Developer mode (or no-one has found it yet) :slight_smile:

(Fabian) #3

Looks like. I hope someone will find this out… i work with Homekit but the possibilitys with Openhab is endless. I wrote the Aqara Support, waiting für there answer.

(Angelos) #4

Info found from here: New Aqara gateway that works with Homekit compatibility

Aqara Hub v3 Developer Key?
New Aqara Hub & Aqara Home
(Gad Ofir) #5

lets hope that this is not on purpse
i was wanting to go in the aqra eco system , but i see to many therds about new version not comptbile with OH

also the new camera that serve as a gateway is not supprted …

(Fabian) #6

Haven’t found that.thx for that :slight_smile: hope they will do it.