[Solved] ASH-2200 Temperatur / Humidity Sensor => How to integrate


i am using the latest OpenHub2 on my Raspbian 3.
I try to connect to an CUL868 and an old ASH 2200 temperature and humidity sensor.

The CUL ist connect directly at /dev/ttyACM0 but i am to stupid to get a running solution with the documentation and the docs i found in the internet.

Maybe you can give me some hints about that.

This night i was successfull in around 15 Minutes to install FHEM with this setup and it works perfectly until this morning. But i want to use it with OpenHub2.

Thanks for any help / advice.
Maybe you have any tutorial where i can go straigt forward.

PS: I installed it manually per dkpg at the latest Debian Buster.
PPS: I tryed to solved it via Serial1. But for me it was not working.

Hello again,

suddenly i see some actions in the event.log file.

Previously i configured the serial interface as an item with returning value as “String”.

String Temperature “Outdoor Temp. Sensor” (Weather) { serial="/dev/ttyACM0@9600" }

In the log file i see now the following entries:

2020-06-07 14:47:17.521 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Temperature changed from K51788151DE

to K51784152DF

2020-06-07 14:50:12.026 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Temperature changed from K51784152DF
to K51798151DD

2020-06-07 14:53:06.527 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Temperature changed from K51798151DD
to K51797150DF

2020-06-07 14:56:01.034 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Temperature changed from K51797150DF to K51801150DD

I think this could be a good step forward.
But how this string can be interpreted? Which protocol is it?

The manufacturer has that information. They may or may not publish it. You could ask them though.

All of my searches seem to indicate data values should look something like this:





as far as I understand this is the format of the station like WDE1 that sensors are connected to.
Not the data format that is output of the sensor.

according to this information you were able to get decoded values out of FHEM.
How was this setup ? Any hint to the script that is used for that ? Having a look to the source code should help how to decode the string.

What I found is this https://github.com/mhop/fhem-mirror/blob/master/fhem/FHEM/14_CUL_WS.pm
This perl module seems to be used for FHEM to decode strings delivered by ASH 2200.

Hello namraccr,

thanks for your reply.
I know the seconds link but i do not have the device USB-WDE1 in my setup. I have a CUL-USB.

Greetings, Michael

Hello Wolfgang_S,

thanks for your reply.

Yesterday i solved my situation with a workaround.

Because FHEM is working fine with the sensor and the CUL-Device, i decided to read the sensor via FHEM, log the measured values in a log file and with openhab2, 2 shell-scripts and the Excec-Binding i can read and place these values in the HubPanel. It’s working like a charme - but with a little overhead.

To answer your question.

My fhem.cfg configuration as followed:

# Temperatursensor Aussen
define CUL_0 CUL /dev/ttyACM0@9600 1034
setuuid CUL_0 5edc3300-f33f-77c0-4254-9170ad818c9e3a9b
define CUL_WS_6 CUL_WS 6
setuuid CUL_WS_6 5edc3357-f33f-77c0-31bd-8c69d7718e35161f
attr CUL_WS_6 alias Sensor_Temperatur_Aussen
attr CUL_WS_6 icon temp_inside
attr CUL_WS_6 room CUL_WS
define FileLog_CUL_WS_6 FileLog ./log/CUL_WS_6-%Y.log CUL_WS_6:T:.*
setuuid FileLog_CUL_WS_6 5edc3357-f33f-77c0-2537-18163bb9e7e5bcd0
attr FileLog_CUL_WS_6 logtype temp4hum6:Temp/Hum,text
attr FileLog_CUL_WS_6 room CUL_WS
setuuid SVG_CUL_WS_6 5edc3357-f33f-77c0-470a-1321bfc415d486ee
attr SVG_CUL_WS_6 label "Temperatur Außen Min $data{min1}, Max $data{max1}, Last $data{currval1}"
attr SVG_CUL_WS_6 room Plots

Then i have a Bash-Script to read only the last line of the log file and in this case the humidity:


ENTRY=`tail -n 1 /opt/fhem/log/CUL_WS_6-2020.log`

DAT=`echo $ENTRY | awk '{print $1}'`
HUM=`echo $ENTRY | awk '{print $6}'`

echo "$HUM"

Via Exec-binding / Thing i start this script and return the required value.

I do the same for the temperature.

Greetings Michael

in case you are interested I can have a look to the perl module and provide the code that is required to translate/transform/decode the value in openhab

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Hello Wolfgang_S,

thanks for your offer. I think for this old kind of hardware only for me it’s not so important.
When the situation will make me crazy i will find another solution or will step into the perl code.

For the moment it’s ok for me. Spent your time for more valuable things. :slight_smile:



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