[SOLVED] Astro group radiation explanation

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(Mister78) #1

Hi guys,

I am interested in understanding where the data of the radiation group comes from and which parameters influence these values.
Unfortunately I did not manage to find any documentation about that. As I am quite new to OH2 this of course may be my fault. Perhaps anyone can help me understand this or give me a link to the documentation.


(Harry) #2

What do you mean concret?

(Harry) #3

(Mister78) #4

I wanted to know which parameters influence those values: eg. direct radiation: What about clouds, is it “just” the theoretical maximum corresponding to sun angles and local position or does it know more about the cloud conditions? Where comes this information from and how accurate is it/can it be?
Same for the diffuse radiation … I am curious what is taken into account here.

Thanks for helping …

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