[Solved] BasicUI sometimes no update or missing units

Hello together,

i use the deb installation on Raspbian Stretch. JDK 8 is in use.

Since this week i study and try with openhab. Read documents and also in forum. I have an issue that i can’t explain why by myself.

The Basicui don’t show units. After investigation i don’t have units to via paperui. All this devices are mqtt. I have temperatures or humidities and all them no unit will be show. Via log i only can temp see with units.

Another problem i get with zwave device. Basicui doesn’t update a status of a window contact. Everything seems do be well via log and via paperui.

Some screenshots:

Put also infected are other devices without units:

Did i have any chance to get the right units for items?



Check in other browser like edge . I faced this issue in chrome .

Thanks for you reply.

It’s not depended of browser. My standard browser is Firefox. Edge and Chrome use chromium. I have this issue in all browsers.

What label did you give to your Item? Have you overridden that label in your sitemap line?

I have this error in Basic and Paper UI. I add only groups to side maps nothing else. At the moment i stay on the beginning and learn as much i can. Created only a small group sitemap.

sitemap home label="Home" {
Frame label="Home" icon="icon" {
    Group item=Schildi label="Schildi"
    Group item=Aquarien label="Aquarien"
    Group item=Wohnzimmer label="Wohnzimmer"
    Group item=Office label="Office"
    Group item=Schlafzimmer label="Schlafzimmer"
    Group item=Flur label="Flur"
    Group item=Kueche label="Küche"
    Group item=Bad label="Bad"
    Group item=Gaestezimmer label="Gästezimmer"
    Group item=System label="System"
    Group item=Secure label="Secure"



But as a describe i doesn’t get window status also. I have some devices via zwave api and all sensors doesn’t have any status in basic ui. But there must be more issue with units. Both paperui and basicui doesn’t show units via mqtt. All mqtt are numbers. I create all items via paperui. And all mqtt devices doesn’t have any unites…

I have a motion sensor via zwave also and there will be no updates via basicui. Via log i can see that information will be transfers.

Pick one problem Item. Let’s say SchlaffzimmerTemp, as we have seen an events.log for that.
What label did you give to your Item?

Some screenshots of this thing, channel and item:

Result paperui:


Without unit

HABmin picture:


You have made SchlaffzimmerTemp to be an Item of type Number.

That simply has no inherent units (unlike an Item of, say, type Number:Temperature)

If you want to display something like ℃ alongside the numeric value in your UI, you can specify that in the state formatting part [ ] of the Item’s label.
Something like
my text label [*.1f ℃]
in PaperUI editing

Pick the next problem?

Must be my text label [%.1f ℃]

I think now at this point it’s clear for me now! What i do in items file i do the same in paper ui… That was not totally clear for me but this open my eyes. That open a new perspective…

But i must ask a question… Why did we have dimension?

OK next one:

SchlafzimmerFenster is a zwave api device:

In BasicUI there is no state about the window.

Yes - my typo ! sorry.

In general? Because it’s useful. For example a Number:Temperature type can be dealt with and displayed in K or ℃ or F as you need, and you don’t have to care what the original sensor uses.

Have you asked for one?
Item label state format …
my window [%s]

I’d wait for this answer… OK it’s a a little bit confusing… Sometimes you get open close state without to ask for and some you need this maybe… But in future i can now fix it.

Thank you very much!!!

Well, when you don’t specify any state formatting or sitemap (as in the case where it’s member of a Group) you get the default. The defaults for Items can vary. Sometimes bindings can suggest defaults or units, because they know about devices, sometimes they don’t.

One question… basic ui didn’t refresh values. After refresh hole side i see the new data. Can i improve this?

Maybe. Have you looked in openhab.log for errors relating to your sitemap, especially during bootup time?

The only error i get is this:

2020-02-23 19:24:51.255 [ERROR] [ernal.handler.ZWayZWaveDeviceHandler] - Error occurred when performing polling:null

All other look fine.

Next thing is strange too…


I use:


I get the data from MQTT and without formatting i get value like 53.0.

This issue is maybe a bug via paperui:

And no solution i have found…

BasicUI is usually pretty good about refreshing. There is a very common error about filenames that stops refreshes, but you would see an error report about that.
I’d speculate it is because you have only Groups in your sitemap, but first try another browser because they do vary.

No it’s because

and send that 53.0 without units to a Number:Dimensionless type Item.
These types are used to represent ratios or percentages, it defaults to thinking you mean ratio 53 to 1, or 5300%

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Yes you are right that works without dimensionless… there are many hints out there…

I will try another browser and work on a better map next time then i will investigate if updates of items still persistent.

Thanks for your help