[SOLVED] Best Weather Station for Indoor and Outdoor

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking for the best (in price and in openHAB “compatibility”) weather station for outdoor and indoor. The one which seems to fit my needs is the Netatmo Weather Station (with 1 indoor & 1 outdoor module), but I don’t really know if there is a cheaper/better product than this. Are there any which has local API? Netatmo is considered good for its price?


I can’t say anything about the price, but my main reason against Netatmo is that they collect your data at their own servers.

So, the station collects the measurements, sends them to somewhere “in the cloud”, and then the netatmo binding fetches them back again.

If I had known that at the time, I would not have bought the station…

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Yes I know that. And because I use openHAB and myopenHAB Cloud I also prefer IoT devices better which can be accessed locally (so it won’t send it’s data anywhere else. also works if the internet is down… - plus you don’t have to worry about that the product and the service gets discontinued…). However I couldn’t find any better solution than this, not even a temperature sensor which works over WiFi and can be used outdoors.

This can be used with no clouds, works when your net goes down and good often updates I think it is 14 seconds.

Thanks, this looks really great! And also not that expensive. One thing: can you change the units on the module? Everywhere Fahrenheit is specified…

Your answer is found in the post I linked for you, please take the time to look and search before posting.

Yes sorry I have forgot to edit my post. I have found the answer in the user manual. However which I cant really find (and need experiences on that), can I use this in the EU? I couldn’t really find a shop where I can buy this…

Aercus (sold in the UK)
Misol sold through aliexpress and ships world wide.

The Chinese factory is fine offset and they are made/marketed under many brands.

Thanks for your help!