[SOLVED] Binding waiting review on Github

I have the following Binding update pending review on GitHub
Seneye binding
This has been awaiting approving review by the original author since late September.
It is starting to look as if they are no longer actively involved on the platform, Is anybody else able to approve?

Unfortunately due to Eclipse problems any updates I now make to the binding will have to be via the GitHub web interface and I will be unable to squash current commits, I hope this will not cause too many issues.
It would be nice to get this all closed off before OH2.4 goes live.

Many Thanks


@Kai, could you have look at this, please?

Hi all,

I added a remark inside the PR. Let’s try to make progress over there.


Thanks Christoph

Following a lot of help and hand-holding; This Binding has now been merged.
Many Thanks

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