[SOLVED] Bindings not visible in addon.cfg

Installed in Rpi3 yesterday. Whenever I add any bindings its not listed in the addons.cfg. Do we have to add manually or Paper UI adds it?

Also whenever i add a thing no file gets created in things directory, is it like that?

openHAB2 can be configured with PaperUI OR with files. The configuration done via PaperUI is saved in JSON format and NOT in the files which are used to configure via files.
A thing or item created via file can be viewed in PaperUI, but can’t be (re-)configured or deleted by PaperUI.

For all that a documentation is available, just follow link “Documentation” in the top row of this page.

Oh ok. Thanks for the Info. Frankly I found documentation very very complicated and not common man user friendly. So it would be helpful if someone can make a simple documentation mentioning all these facts.

Thanks anyway

A post mentioning all these facts would be as huge as the actual documentation, hence not “common user friendly”.

hmm. I understand.

One more help. I have created an Item using config file. But now even after removing from the config file its still visible in Paper UI. How can I delete that permanently?

I’d stop openhab, use the command:

openhab-cli clean-cache

and restart openhab again.

Thanks. :+1: