[solved] Build #637 does not start any bundles anymore

Today I updated to build #637 from the offline archive and tried to restart my system.

Interestingly, no bundle at all starts, and if I run “start_debug.sh” instead of “start.sh” and type “bundle:list” into the Karaf shell, I get an empty list of bundles. Reverting to #632 healed my system again, everything starts as usual.

Usually, I keep my “runtime/etc” directory between updates because this directory also holds the generated host.key and softlinks to my logging configuration. I already noticed that profile.cfg seems to hold a list of all existing bundles, but updating that file did not give me a working system. Is there anything more I can search for?

Maybe this is caused by the changed introduced with build 633 and later: Initial package selection and changed add-on ids

Maybe, I have to test with a completely clean system.

The thing is, my setup does not start any budles at all, so the GUI is also not available. In my addons.config, I have:

package = standard

which should install and give me at least some bundles I think. Also, I added the “1” to the two older bindings I use, “mqtt1” and “weather1” but this was already before #632

Remove that and you will be presented by a new welcome screen where you can choose the standard package again.

This might be caused by my PR https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/pull/345, where I renamed the feature that defines all the base bundles - I’ll have to investigate what exactly is going on, but I hope to have a fix soon!

I have created https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/pull/354 to revert a part - I hope that an upgrade to the next distro will solve your issue (although people who installed 637 as an initial one, will now have exactly this problem).

I notice that there is still a major issue in the upgrade process and it still isn’t clear, which files must be overwritten. This is unfortunately still something to work on :-/

I can confirm that 641 solved the upgrade problem.