[SOLVED] Build of Pull Request failed because of test in other binding

I created a Pull Request for one of my changes ([nanoleaf] reimplement touch detection based on sse, stabilize behavior, add swipe support by stefan-hoehn · Pull) but it failed due to a problem of a test in a different module.

How do I proceed with that?


Just leave a comment that build failure is not related to your PR. You can add the rebuild label and remove ist after new build starts. If you are lucky, the rebuild will complete successful.

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Ok, did that. Let’s see how that turns out. Thanks, Hans-Jörg

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Still the same issue as this one test fails:


Honestly I have not run the whole suite on my side but I would be surprised if I have caused this.

Any idea how to progress here?


I ran into the same issue a week ago. My guess is that there’s a race condition or some timing sensitive part in the tests that makes it fail randomly.

So what did you do? Trigger it so often until it works? :neutral_face:

Unfortunately, yes. Took four attempts before it worked. The test you referenced only caused one of the failures though, there was another test that failed one time, and the first time the build took too long so it timed out and aborted after 4 hours.

@antroids Do you mind having a look why the test testClimateConfig could be fragile/unstable?

Thanks, Anders, I hope that repeating it several times will do the trick. Thanks, Hans-Jörg for already taking care of it.

Finally after multiple rebuilds the build went through. Any volunteers who could do a review of the pull request?

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Hi Stefan,

sorry, but I am afraid you have to wait a little bit. We are lacking of maintainers and have 79 PR’s waiting for review…

Ok, Hans-Jörg, that is a very fair statement! No worries, I can’t CAN :slight_smile: definitely wait.


You shurely meant that you can wait :wink:

Oops, my bad! Definitely, I shouldn’t write comments too early in the morning :wink:

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I found the way how to reproduce this locally, checking.

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PR added MQTT Homeassistant test concurrency bug fixed by antroids · Pull Request #11161 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitH

Anton, that is awesome, thanks for looking at it.