[Solved] CalDAV Binding is ignoring .cfg changes

I am trying to use the CalDAV binding (OH2) accessing my Google calendar.
Somehow I was successful defining these convoluted .cfg files and could access my calendar entries.

But when I tried to expand it to further calendars “something” went wrong and the binding keeps on throwing error messages

I removed all the new calendar entries in those various .cfg files and also the items file but CalDav is still trying to parse a calendar which is not existing in my setup anymore.

I have tried to deinstall and install the bindings but it keeps on parsing a calendar which is not defined anymore in my .cfg files.

remove /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/caldav?.config and let OH2 recreate it by reading your corrected /etc/openhab2/services/caldav?.cfg
I am not sure of the config filenames, so I added ?

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Thanks for the advise.
Removing the files did the trick!!

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Unfortunately although the “caching” problem is resolved by the workaround above, the binding as such is totally buggy and unstable.
Sometimes it can read some events but then again tons of error messages which indicate some authorization problem.
Very strange.

After 3 hours of trial and error I give up!
Would be interested if anyone has this binding working reliable for a long period of time.