[SOLVED] Can not save habpanel configuration

Hi, I made few dashboards in habpanel when I was connected via myopenhab cloud service.
Dashboards work well but when I try to save it from local configuration to server I see a new configuration created in UI but the following error appears in the browser console is and it is not saved to the server.

Error: $rootScope.panelsRegistry[getCurrentPanelConfig(...)] is undefined

My issue is when i connect at home from same browser directly to openhab server (not via myopenhab.org) than my dashboard is completely empty and I can only open existing dashboards from server.

But when connect again via myopenhab.org, I see my panel but have no idea how to transfer configuration to the server.
Is there any way to export the local dashboard to file and import it to the server?

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I do not want to rebuild all panels again.

I’m running OH 2.5 M4 on RPi 3, openhabian installation

I succeed to transfer panel config - in local configuration is choice Edit local panel configuration(expertsonly) inside is export/import button.
So I connect in one tab via myopenhab.org - save config to file and connect to local openhab server and import.
I mark this issue as solved, nevertheless save to server via myopenhab.org is not working for me.