[Solved] Can't get connection to my baikal caldav server with iCalendar

Hello all,
I try to use the iCalendar binding together with my baikal server and configured
the thing

Thing icalendar:calendar:deadbeef "My calendar" @ "Internet" [ url="http://correcturl/baikal/dav.php/calendars/correctuser/default/", username="correctuser", password="correctpassword", refreshTime=60 ]

But the error is always

Response status for getting "http://correcturl/baikal/dav.php/calendars/correctuser/default/" was 401 instead of 200. Ignoring it.

but my user and password is correct i am 100% sure. What else could be wrong?

In case your server uses http run a network sniffer and compare the network communication of the binding compared to a phone ( ? ) accessing the same server.
Does your server log offer more information about what went wrong ?

Okay changed the authentication methods from digest to basic.

But now get this error

Response for calendar request could not be retrieved. Error message is: null

I would normally suggest getting a debug log to see if you can get more information about the error.
But I won’t, because I can already tell it won’t help due to the binding having no reasonable debug output.

Solved by using the export function of baikal server

Thing icalendar:calendar:deadbeef “My calendar” @ “Internet” [ url=“http://correcturl/baikal/dav.php/calendars/correctuser/default/?export”, username=“correctuser”, password=“correctpassword”, refreshTime=60 ]

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