[SOLVED] Cant log in to openhabian (ssh & via keyboard)

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Im having this problem for a while now. My sitemap works great but i can’t log in via ssh or via the attached keyboard. When trying to log in via ssh the connection gets closed on inputting password. When trying to log in via attached keyboard it keeps asking me for my log in over and over again. I have read about similar problems other peaple have. Allthough these other cases report openhabian hanging on the password input, saying its the wrong password. In my case i don’t even get this far, it keeps asking me for log in. Could this be a deteriorated usb stick (boot from usb)? Is there any solution besides loading in a backup on a fresh install (i have some backups but not with all the latest changes😔)? Is the mosquitto config included in the openhab backup? Thanks for any help.

It could be a worn out USB drive. There is no fundamental difference between a USB thumb drive and an SD card in terms of wear out.

With the information provided there is nothing that can be done except a rebuild from backups. We have no logs and not other information to tell us what might be the cause except that somehow the password for the openhabian user changed, which could be caused by a failing drive.

You can mount the drive on some other computer and grab the files that way. If it is wearing out, hopefully most of the files you need will not have been corrupted. If the drive is formatted using ext2 than you will need another Linux machine to access the files. But it’s easy enough to run a virtual machine using VirtualBox on your Windows machine if necessary.

Depends on how you do the backup. If you use Amanda than yes. If you use openhab-cli backup than no.

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What is the version of OpenHAB please?

I have two users reporting problems with ssh when upgrading to the most recent milestone versions 2.5M3 and possibly M2

Different SSH. The SSH being reported by those other users is the Karaf console SSH (e.g. ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost. OP is having problems with the operating system’s SSH and being able to log in in general.

Thanks Rich… I’m still trying to figure that out! So this thread is about ssh into the operating system. I get that. The ones in the test thread are ssh into Karaf console? I searched and couldn’t figure that out. It must be a feature I don’t use (obviously) I’m guessing it is like the Karaf commandline interface but remotely?

sorry to original poster for asking unrelated question in your thread

Ok, thanks alot Rich. I’m going to try and retreive the items, things, rules and sitemap files from the usb using my pc. Otherwise there is no other choise than take the hit and restore the last backup on a fresh install. Atleast not everything will be lost and i can finaly go back to work on my setup. Hopefully this will teach me to make more regular backups.

See https://www.openhab.org/docs/administration/console.html#console-settings-files-and-directories. Note the links at the bottom and there are several pages that talk about the console. Karaf provides a shell that lets you interact with the Karaf container interactively. For example, install/uninstall/restart bundles (e.g. bindings), change the logging level on the fly, etc.

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Thanks again Rich,
thanks to you i was able to retrieve my files from the usb so i didn’t lose any of my setup. I started with a new install on a RPI4, loaded in my last backup and then replaced my items, things, persistence, … files with the ones i got off the usb. everything is running again. Only problem i have now is i cant seem to open the log viewer on ip:9001. Any idea what could be the problem?

When i scan for open ports using the fing app on my phone port 9001 doesn’t show up. Log viewer was working before i retrieved the backup

How did you install. If you used openHABian then for some reason Frontail didn’t get installed or for some reason it is not running. Try running openhabian-config and choose option 20, then 21 to reinstall Frontail. If that doesn’t work you may need to go to a Frontail forum to ask for help.