[SOLVED] Change state

I am sure this is me simply being dumb, but I have been puzzling this for a while and none of my tests seem to indicate a solution so I figured I would throw out the question to the wider community.

I have a sleep_state item defined, that can be turned ON and OFF using Alexa whereby receiving the command a set of rules are triggered.

I also have a catch all time-of-day rule in case no one told Alexa / OpenHab to disable sleep_state which triggers at 08:30

I only want the state of the sleep_state item to change at 08:30 not for it to receive a command OFF which would then trigger a;; the actions as if it was invoked through Alexa.

will invoke the actions I have tried variants around:
sleep_state.state == “OFF”


Something like sleep_state.postUpdate(OFF) ?

Thanks, it looks like that’s exactly what I was after.