[SOLVED] Changing time_offset in z-wave CLOCK channel

I’m trying to change the value of the time_offset on the Clock Time Offset channel of a Z-Wave thermostat (Trane TZEMT). The default is 60, the min is 10, max is 600, and there’s an option to disable.

I’m using PaperUI because I’m assuming that this HABmin issue also will also prevent the update from working on this channel, too.

Selecting any value between 10 and 600 has no effect. However, if I select Disabled, the update succeeds. Attempting to change it from Disabled to any other value (including the default) has no effect.

@chris I saw a recent change to PaperUI (and HABmin) to use channel config description instead of channel type. Do you expect this change to resolve the above problem once a new ESH stable comes out? Or, is this possibly something different?

Here’s a screen snip of what PaperUI sent when I tried to set the value to 55.

I hope this is fixed now with the recent changes.

No - it probably won’t affect this. It’s a channel config that is defined in the channel-type, not the channel, so it was always displayed.

It looks like PaperUI is sending 0, so I guess that’s why it doesn’t work.

I should have added - if you followed the recent discussion on the channel config changes, you might have noticed there are a number of bugs open in PaperUI that might impact this. I didn’t look too closely at them, but they are related to dropdown selection where there is also the possibility to add values - I think one bug was the inability to set a manual value after the dropdown was selected.

Maybe this -:

Ok. I’ll give it a try in HABmin once your change is merged.

Hmm. I missed this one. This might be the problem, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Ooops - I missed the merge… Done now.

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Thanks! I’ll also test the temp channel config change, then close that issue, too.

Temp channel looks good; just closed issue.

time_offset is updating now, too.

org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json:              "config_offset": 300.0
org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json:              "config_offset": 300.0