[SOLVED] Channels disappear


I was reading for a while and after playing a lot with my first home setup, I need your help.

I have a strange problem and want to learn if that is a normal behaviour:

In my Things Channels that were there before are just disappearing.

Example: My Homematic thermostats had a Op Mode channel - its gone. I know it was there...I even a a working Item configured with one of the thermostats on that channel, but I cant see it in any of the thermostat things any more.

Second example: My homematic rollershutters had a channel “Stop”. Today I deleted my Stop Items as I dont need them anymore and startet removing them from the Thing, too by opening the Linked Items and hitting the trash bin. After doing so for two or three, the Stop Channel completely dispappeared in all thermostats. However, I have still two of the Items left over that I cant unlink now.

Is this expected behaviour? Am I doing anything wrong?

Note: I configured everything through Paper UI, nothing through files yet.

Kind regards,

What version of openHAB?

Where in PaperUI are you looking for the Channels?

Are just Channels disappearing or the entire Thing?

Some bindings do not show all channes in things by default.
Do the channels become visible if you click on “show more”:


Thank you guys. It was the show more button. Dont know how I couldnt see that :slight_smile: