[SOLVED] Checking defined issues

just a short question of a OH-beginner (Raspi 3B, OH2, Z-Wave):

How can I check if my defined items of the *.items-file are accepted by OH2?

I have created a nice Sitemap which is shown properly i.e. by the iOS-App, but it obviously does not access my items.
Defining items and channels via PaperUI is working fine.

Any ideas/ suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance!


Are the items shown in paper-ui?
What do you mean with “does not access”?
Are there entrys in the log?

No, the items from my items file are not shown in Paper UI. Only the items I defined in Paper UI are shown.

“Does not access”: For instance temperature and luminance values from the sensor are not shown, though it’s working with the items I defined in Paper UI; the same to the Power Switch.

Where do I find the log?

Did you consider to look into the documentation (https://docs.openhab.org)?

Yes, I spent hours of reading in the documentation, manuals, and tutorials … :disappointed_relieved:

Log Files in openHABian

Which editor do you use?
Show your item- and sitemap-definition and we can help.

I use nano.

Cool, I’ll show you the content of the items- and the sitemap-file later when I’m back home. :wink:

Editors - Different Ways to Simplify Your Textual Configuration

Which editor would you recommend?
I’m using a Mac for configuration my Raspi 3B with Openhabian via SSH-connection.

Items created in .items files will not display in the Control section of PaperUI.

They should, however, still show in PaperUI under Configuration -> Items (although you won’t be able to see current values, or change them).

The correct way to interact with these items is via BasicUI/app (using a .sitemap file) or via something like HABpanel.

I use VSCode. It isn’t perfect, but has the best integration.

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You have to note that Items are only shown on PaperUI if the Simple Mode (for item creating)is OFF!

Good morning,

the items-file:

DateTime Datum "Heute ist [%1$ta %1$tR]" <time>

Number Temp_EZ_soll "Temperatur Esszimmer [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gHeizung) ["Heizungen"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node6:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}
DateTime Temp_EZ_Update "Letzte Einstellung [%1$ta %1$tR]" <time> (gUpdates) ["Updates"]
Number Temp_EZ_Batt "Batterieladung [%d %%]" <batterylevel> (gBatterien) ["Batterien"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node6:battery-level"}

Number Temp_Bad_soll "Temperatur Bad [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gHeizung) ["Heizungen"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node17:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}
DateTime Temp_Bad_Update "Letzte Einstellung [%1$ta %1$tR]" <time> (gUpdates) ["Updates"]
Number Temp_Bad_Batt "Batterieladung [%d %%]" <batterylevel> (gBatterien) ["Batterien"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node17:battery-level"}

Switch Licht_EZ "Licht Esszimmer" <light> (gLicht) ["Licht"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node9:switch_binary"}
Number Licht_Verbr_akt "Akt. Verbrauch" <energy> (gEnergie) ["Energie"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node9:meter_wat$}
Number Licht_Verbr_ges "Ges.-Verbrauch" <line> (gEnergie) ["Energie"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node9:meter_kwh"}

The sitemap-file:

sitemap MCC label="MCC Home" icon="smiley"
Frame label="Datum" icon="time"
        Text item=Datum
Frame label="Heizungen" icon="heating"
        Setpoint item=Temp_EZ_soll label="Esszimmer [%.1f °C]" icon="heating" minValue=4 maxValue=28 step=1.0
        Switch item=Temp_EZ_select label="Voreinst." icon="temperature" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Nacht"]
        Setpoint item=Temp_Bad_soll label="Bad [%.1f °C]" icon="heating" minValue=4 maxValue=28 step=1.0
        Switch item=Temp_Bad_select label="Voreinst." icon="temperature" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Nacht", 2="Baden"]
        Setpoint item=Temp_WZ_soll label="Wohnzimmer [%.1f °C]" icon="heating"  minValue=4 maxValue=28 step=1.0
        Switch item=Temp_WZ_select label="Voreinst." icon="temperature" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Nacht"]
Frame label="Licht"
        Switch item=Licht_EZ label="Licht" icon="light"
        Text item=Licht_Verbr_akt label="Akt. Verbrauch [%.1f W]" icon="energy"
        Text item=Licht_Verbr_ges label="Ges.-Verbrauch [%.1f kWh]" icon="line"
Frame label="Sensor Esszimmer"
        Text item=Temperatur_EZ label="Temperatur [%.1f °C]" icon="temperature"
        Text item=Luminanz_EZ label="Helligkeit [%.1f lm]" icon="sun_clouds"

The items named *_Update and *_Batt are not important at the moment and I wanted to use and implement them later on step by step.


Number Licht_Verbr_akt "Akt. Verbrauch" <energy> (gEnergie) ["Energie"] {channel="zwave:device:78e36f13:node9:meter_wat"}

Thanks a lot, that’s it! :smiley: :+1:t2:
I’m a bit embarrassed … :unamused:
Have a nice day!

@hr3 Hi, may I ask you for a little help configuring Visual Studio Code?
I have a Mac using Mac OS X High Sierra.
Openhab is running on a Raspi 3B.

After opening the preferences I entered

“openhab.host”: “xberry”,
“openhab.port”: 8080

But all I get in the explorer window are the folders:

-lost + found

without any subfolders.

What did I do wrong?

I use Samba network share.