[solved] Cleaning up Demo items from myopenhab

I’ve set up an account for myopenhab.org and have it working with IFTTT and the OpenHAB iOS app. My problem is that when I set it up I still had the Demo setup in place and as a result ALL of the demo items are present in my myopenhab config. I’ve cleaned up the demo items, sitemap, rules etc from my openhab installation, but they’re all still present in myopenhab. Does anyone know how I might go about ‘cleaning up’ or resetting myopenhab so it only shows my actual items? It’s difficult using it with IFTTT when I need to filter through a confusing and long list of redundant items…




Any thoughts? Sadly, things are still a mess…

I don’t know if it would help, but you might want to post your request to the Google Group:


Hi john, have you found a solution ?
I’ interested to know the solution.


Faber. No. I haven’t yet, unfortunately.

I know it is a bit of a “duhh” answer. But I was in a similar mess, having set my.openhab up at the start of my journey with openHAB my events list was a total mess. All the demo items, all the variants of item names I experimented with before I eventually decided on a preference.

I tried removing the UUID and Secret files and it would generate new keys which would clear the history but still kept the items.

I ended up deleting my my.openhab account and set up a new one. Which understandably did the trick.

Not ideal, but I guess until some sort of item management is implemented, it was relatively painless to just remove the account and start a new one (was able to set up new account with same email etc)

I did have issues as my persistence was a bit screwy as I also messed with my existing rrd4j settings at the same time which didn’t help. I’d like to think those issues were not related to the new account, but just to be safe, be sure that you back-up everything just in case.


I had no idea everybody will start putting ‘*’ in their myopenhab.persist files :smile:
So we didn’t create an option for deleting items from my.openHAB, but we will do that asap.
Meanwhile you can send me requests to delete your data to my e-mail.

Best regards,
Victor Belov


Cool, thanks Victor


Because the docs told us to do so :innocent:


That was an example! :slight_smile:

I have updated the wiki so it now explains this and also shows how to selectively include items.

As beginners approach openHAB from many different angles, ideally the docs shouldn’t have any assumption of previous knowledge :smile: Easier said than done I know, writing documentation is very time consuming.

Setting up my.openHAB was the very first thing I tried after installing openHAB. The idea of not having to worry (too much) about exposing my home network that was very attractive.

Prior to that I was controlling things in the house from outside my network via text files in a dropbox folder, with scripts that watched the folder. It was a little messy, but it worked well :smile:


@belovictor, It’s been a while, so I just wanted to know if this feature was implemented as I too am interested in it.

I will be deploying new my.openhab version together with 1.8 release and it will be there, finally!

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So since 1.8 release you can now delete stale events and items and clean up your data.

Works fine, thanks.

For those who can’t find the delete button (like me):
Login to https://my.openhab.org/, go to “Account”, locate button “Delete Items and Events” …


Thanks for sharing where the delete button is, I could not find it either.
Now, the normal process is to delete everything and then let existing items re-connect?