[SOLVED] Config files (manual configuration of links)

manual configuration of links
Hi everybody!
This is my first post.
After some days of troubles configuring OpenHab2 to make it work with my F454 Bticino Gateway, I’m now able to define Things and Items via script files.
I prefer this manual approach to better understand how OH2 works.

The question is:
i have one thing (in .things file) and one item ( in .items file).
Do I still have to go to PaperUI to link them together via a channel ?


  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
    • OS: RaspBian OS
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0 (Linux openHABianPi 4.19.42-v7+)

No. The linking is done in the Item definition, xxx.items file

Switch myItem "sample" <icon> {channel="somebinding:stuff:fred#option"}

Thanks rossko57!

I missed the last part ( #option ) :frowning:

I wrote:
Rollershutter LivingShutter “Living [%.0f %%]” (FF_Salon) {channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:shutter41” } instead of

Rollershutter LivingShutter “Living [%.0f %%]” (FF_Salon) {channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:shutter41:shutter” }

So, thanks for your help.

May uou please also help me adding an “Up” and “DOWN” command for this rollershutter in a sitemap ?


Um, add a Switch widget?

Switch item=myRoller

It’s not obvious that the Switch widget knows how to present a RollerShutter Item.


It was not obvious for me… :frowning:

If you took 5 minutes to look at the examples in the binding documentation … before asking questions…

As an OH beginner, I spent a lot of time looking for it but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to resolve, so I decided to ask such a stupid question, while being sure that some as**ole would grumble about this stupid use of the forum but I WAS in trouble.

In any case, Isn’t it a forum where experts like you can help beginners get better and, in the future, return the favor by communicating new ideas and projects?

Finally, if you have no time to waste by reading my stupid questions, why do you have time to answer?

Anyway, sorry if I bothered you and thanks to those who patiently helped me and will help me in the future.

Ok, since you spent a lot of time to look for the info and want to return the favor, can you tell exactly what have you searched for and where?
Did you use the search available in the forum? What did you search?
I am really courious.
Tell us what did you search and where so that we can improve the documentation in case it is defecting.

I did not say I do not have time to help.
I just commented that you should have read the manual before asking.
We can spend time to help, but people must understand that they also have to show some basic effort first.

I give you a suggestion: do not overestimate people patience…

Finally I think if you want to respect other people in the forum, and receive help in the future, you should as a new forum user have a humbler attitude and read this first, in particular:

9. Show effort