[SOLVED] Configuration files on Synology not found / not being used

Hi all,

I am new to Openhab. I am running the openhab 2.4.00 install package on a Synology DS1815+ with DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4.

So far I was able to install openhab, add bindings, things, items (automatically and manually).

I now wanted to prepare sitemap and item configuration files to edit within Visual Studio Code.

I realized that the directory /volume1/public/OpenHab2/conf/ is not being used.
There was a directory under /volume1/@appstore/openHab/conf. So I moved all those files to /volue1/public/OpenHab2 and created a symlink from /volume1/@appstore/openHab/conf to /volume1/public/OpenHab2/conf

I added default.sitemap to conf/sitemaps and default.items to conf/items

Neither are being read by either Basic UI oder Paper UI. It’s just completly being ignored.

Apart from that I cannot find the items which I manually created using Paper UI.

edit: I also tried to saving the config files directly in the conf directory in the @appstore folder.
From there it at least reads the item configuration file. default.items
The sitemap for the basic UI is still being read. It’s named default.sitemap btw.

What am I doing wrong?

kind regards


In the meantime I could solve my problem. Just in case anyone else stumbles accross similiar problems here are the mistakes I made (yeah… multiple ;))

  1. The main problem with my openhab installation was that I created the wrong directory in the public folder. Therefore no symlinks were created and all configuration data was taken from the @appstore folder.
    While I had basically the right idea creating a symlink to the conf folder on the public drive, it was incomplete.
    When installing openhab correctly two more symlinks are being created (addons => /volume1/public/openHAB/addons and userdata => /volume1/public/openHAB/userdata).

  2. After correcting mistake one, my items configuration file was used by paper UI. Still basic UI would claim it hadn’t found a sitemap. I also tried the classic UI which basically said the same only with a JAVA error. :wink:
    I then examined the sitemap documentation and noticed that the syntax is slightly different than what the Homebuilder app created for me. So I erased the generated sitemap and started a new demo sitemap only using the syntax I got from the documentation and Basic UI started working right away…

I am still not sure what exactly was wrong about the sitemap configuration. I also assume that the Homebuilder would not generate faulty code…

Here’s the sitemap which wouldn’t work for me:

sitemap hepo label="HEPO" {
    Frame label="Erdgeschoss" icon="groundfloor" {
        Group item=GF_Dining
        Group item=GF_Hallway
        Group item=GF_Kitchen
        Group item=GF_LivingRoom
        Group item=GF_Office

    Frame label="Erster Stock" icon="firstfloor" {
        Group item=FF_Bathroom
        Group item=FF_Bedroom
        Group item=FF_Hallway
        Group item=FF_KidsRoom

    Frame label="Dachgeschoss" icon="attic" {

    Frame label="Draußen" icon="garden" {
        Group item=OU_Driveway
        Group item=OU_FrontYard
        Group item=OU_Terrace

    Frame {
        Text label="Licht" icon="light" {
            Default item=GF_Dining_Light label="Esszimmer"
            Default item=GF_Hallway_Light label="Flur"
            Default item=GF_Kitchen_Light label="Küche"
            Default item=GF_LivingRoom_Light label="Wohnzimmer"
            Default item=GF_Office_Light label="Büro"
            Default item=FF_Bathroom_Light label="Badezimmer"
            Default item=FF_Bedroom_Light label="Schlafzimmer"
            Default item=FF_Hallway_Light label="Flur"
            Default item=FF_KidsRoom_Light label="Kinderzimmer"
            Default item=OU_Driveway_Light label="Auffahrt"
            Default item=OU_Terrace_Light label="Terrasse"

        Text label="Rolladen" icon="rollershutter" {
            Default item=GF_Dining_Shutter label="Esszimmer"
            Default item=GF_Kitchen_Shutter label="Küche"
            Default item=GF_LivingRoom_Shutter label="Wohnzimmer"
            Default item=GF_Office_Shutter label="Büro"
            Default item=FF_Bedroom_Shutter label="Schlafzimmer"
            Default item=FF_KidsRoom_Shutter label="Kinderzimmer"

        Text label="Steckdose" icon="poweroutlet" {
            Default item=OU_FrontYard_Power label="Vorgarten"

I guess I’ll understand when writing a new sitemap from scratch.

I am just happy that the config files are working now. :wink: