[SOLVED] Confused about HarmonyHub Sitemap and Items


i am new in the OpenHab Universe and hope you can help me. I try to integrate my harmony hub.

I dont exactly understand it yet, but i discovered that i have to set a string in the items-file and than set a switch in the sitemap-file. So i tested it successfully with VolumeUp/Down.

I created a lot of Groups for my Lights etc, so they will appear automatically in the frontend. But if i set a group for the string, of Course in the sitemap i have a string and not the switch. How do i put the switch in the group?

Thank you!

Could you post your items and sitemap. That would help us understand your issue.
Please use the code fences

Easier to define the item itself and not a group. You can only change the displayed elements in a group (order, type, etc…) If you explicitly define it in the sitemap. It’s easier to not to include that String Item into any group and just define that one in the as a Switch.

Switch item=HarmonyHubButton mappings=[VolumeUp="+", VolumeDown="-"]

I am late, but thank you for your usefule help!