[SOLVED] Connect Sonoff Device (Tasmota) with MQTT and OpenHAB

Hello There,

I already got a MQTT Broker running, and made a “Hello World” test.
I’ve got a Sonoff Basic which i want to connect to openHAB.
The MQTT-Settings in Tasmota are the following:

Topic = LichtOben

Full Topic = Zuhause/MeinZimmer/%topic%/%prefix%

Is the specified Topic added automatically or do i need to configure that somewhere in Mosquitto?
If yes, whats the Syntax and Location for That?

Next Question is: How to connect that to openHAB?
I already got the following openHAB Addons installed:
-mqtt binding
-mqtt action
-json path transformation

How do i create the item correctly and add it to my sitemap (i prefer using PaperUI)

I know that theres already a Explaination for that but that was too superficial for me. (I hope thats the right word, my english is not very good…)

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Never Mind i got it after hours xD It was only one wrong configuration…

Please mark your own post as Solution. :slight_smile: Otherwise this is an open Issue

Thanks, i already was wondering how to close the Thread when nobody replied xDD

In future, it would be really useful to tell others how you managed to resolve the issue - someone in the future may be experiencing the same issues as you, but just having “never mind, I fixed it” is so very frustrating!

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Totally agreed :smiley: