[SOLVED] Connecting myOpenHab to my Iphone 6

Trying to connect my OpenHab with my iphone and coming up with a internal server error.

Any ideas around this, putting in correct remote URL https://my.openhab.org/openhab.app?sitemap=yoursitemapname and my my username and password are correct.

Using app version 1.7.1



Try connecting to the url https://my.openhab.org/openhab.app?sitemap=yoursitemapname from a browser on a regular computer. Does it work there?

Perhaps you need the http: protocol instead of https:
– and/or –
you need to define a server port that openhab is bound to at the webserver.

Something like:


Thanks for the fast reply Stuart,

Yes it workers on a regular computer.

Using the http: is coming up with an unauthorised error.

Using 8080 request timed out.

Using the original method I posted the device has been registered onto ‘my devices’ but still no visual on my phone.

Thanks James

Well, James, I’m assuming your openhab server is on your home lan.

If it has a url like my.openhab.org, then a local lan router is resolving that name for you on the computer. Your phone might work through your local wifi connection, but not through the telephone network internet.

For outside internet connections, you would need to set up a dns or ddns name on the internet that points to your home router. Also you need to open a port on the router to allow the incoming internet connection to route to your openhab server.

What about trying to connect to the openhab server IP address through your phone while connected to a home wifi? The url would be something like:

Use your openhab server ip address in place of the example address.


Hello Steve,

yeah i am using my openhab server on my home lan.

Ive had a look at locating the IP address to test but cant find it. (looked in the openhab_default.cfg file as advised on the openhab github page for configuration.) https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Configuring-the-openHAB-runtime

Still no luck.

Thanks for replying

On your pc that will view the openhab in a browser, open a command prompt and enter:

nslookup my.openhab.org

This should return the ip address of your server.

If your openhab server is running on Linux you can enter:


on the server console to view it’s address.

If openhab is on windows, enter:


to get its address.

Thanks for the help Steve much appreciated, all working on my phone now.


Glad you got it working, James


Hi man, may ask you how did you solve the Internet connection to your openhab?
I think you need to enter your external IP address followed by the port forwarded in the router! but this IP changes every day and so you need to find a free ddns server to register your IP and to assign a name!

Does anyone know a free ddns site? I had one o a free site but now they force every free accounts to register monthly on their server and this sucks :frowning:

Or, if there is another option please instruct us on how to do it.

Thanks all!


it seems I have a similar problem. As my Android phone died I needed to switch back to my older iPhone 6. Using https://myopenhab.org the app tells me it’s unable to connect to the remote URL. Weird thing, I DO receive broadcast notifications from my rules.

Now the super weird thing: Just now when writing this post I checked the settings in the app, and now it was working, just one time. Didn’t change anything. Then I open the settings again and it doesn’t work anymore. Assuming myopenhab.org is reachable fine I believe to think this is a problem in the iOS app.