[SOLVED] Constrain slider

i want to design a couple off sliders in habpanel… only the standaard sliders have the possibl to constrain the steps… but if i want to make one in a template. it looks it only goes from 0-100 and not from 0 -15
is there a way to constrain the value in the slider

my lights only have a dim level of 15 steps

// rz-slider-model=“slider.value”
// rz-slider-options=“slider.options”
// ng-click=“sendCmd(‘wk_hanglamp01’, slider.value)”>

Allready found it… please remove

or you could explain your solution, so that when others have a similar problem, they can use your solution.



you can constrain the slider by using options. floor is the most neg. value. and ceil the most pos. value. stept determinate the steps

<div ng-init="slider = {
value: itemValue('RFDim'),
options: {
	floor: 0,
	ceil: 15,
	step: 1