[SOLVED] Control Rollershutter

Hey Guys,

got an issue and i would appreciate if you could help me.

Here is the deal:
I want to control my rollershutter. In detail when i turn a switch form OFF to ON i want it to move the rollershutter from open to half open. But i dont have any sensors that can give me information about the current position of the rollershutter. So my thought is, that i will control it by time. That means i will measure the time the time the rollershutter needs to move in the position i want. And thats my question. How can i do that in rule engine?

rule "Rolershutter"
        Item Switch_1 changed from OFF to ON
        Rollershutter.sendCommand(DOWN) //Rollershutter goes Down
        Rollershutter.sendCommand(STOP)  //Rollershutter should stop after a amount of time

Any ideas?

sleep or timer between down and stop or

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You didn’t say anything about your HW. Depending on the type of actuator you’re using, it might provide the ability to drive to a certain percentage. My Fibaro FGRMs allow for this.

Hello Chris

As Rich mentioned here, long Thread::sleep’s are a bad idea.

Maybe you have a look on timers?

Depending on your hardware, the Rollershutter Items also support Percentage-Values (OH Items)

I use the same type of Actors as Markus and it works very smooth with %-values.


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You are right and I’m sorry about that. But as far as I know my shutters dont have any tracker. Well I guess i will proof that one. Thanks for the inspiration.

I checked it out, they dont support tracking. And also they dont give information if they are down or up.

Thats why i use time-based-control.

Thanks for your help =)