[SOLVED] Creating a Scene

This seems like you’re wanting the lights to toggle when you press the “Scene” button, which is OK, but not the intended use I had in mind :slight_smile:

Sitemap example for adding an icon:

Switch item=Officebjornlicht icon="dinner"

Yeh, when i was writing starting thinking of some more scenarios where i would want to use it like you said.

But am i correct when i say that you can not turn of your scenes?
U need to turn them off one by one or change to a different scene to do this?
You did not create a “off” scene either then?

and i think i need to start adding a lot of lamps at the start of a scene to turn off in case they were on :stuck_out_tongue:

I think @bartus purpose for a scene is to be used for something like setting the light level based on conditions.

At night you can use a night scene to have all the lights set to 100%.

During the day when less light is needed, use the day scene to set the lights to 40%.

Scene’s are more for adjusting the setting to something and less for turning something ON/OFF.

What your doing with the rule is controlling (ON/OFF) your lights more than creating a scene.


For some reason its fixed.
that icon stays even with switching it to on or off

noticed it worked fine when not using the postUpdate(OFF).
but i need it so i have put the postUpdate back, and the issue is not existant :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeh i get what u mean :slight_smile:
seems i always need to have the more “exotic stuf” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking back to what I posted. If you have 2 lights that are turned on for dinner, 3 lights on for evening time, well that’s 1 dinner and 1 evening scene. Having the light % set to a certain level doesn’t necessarily define a scene.:wink:

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