[SOLVED] Creating Motion Sensor Group


Can anyone tell me what’s missing please. I’m trying to create a group that changes state to ON when any item that is in the group detects motion.


Switch GF_HW_MotionSensor_Motion (gMotionSensors) {channel=“my_hue_item”}


Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gMotionSensors


Switch item=gMotionSensors icon=“motion” label=“Group Presence”

However, the sitemap doesn’t seem to update to ON when the sensor does???

Text item=gMotionSensors icon=“motion” label=“Group Presence [%s]”


Nope, that does nothing either I’m afraid.

Then you’ll have to dig some more. Look in events.log , are the expected changes taking place? Refresh your browser, does it change now?

Please ignore me one and all, for some reason I put the group item in a rule file…doh!

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Please set thread on solved then :wink:

Happy to, but I was going to suggest deleting the thread so it hides my stupidity!

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:
We´re humans only. A couple of weeks ago a sitemap in BasicUI drove me nuts, behaved odd, like it never accepted any changes, untill I discovered I was editing the wrong sitemap file… Doh!! :slight_smile: