[SOLVED] Cron - every minute - is it bad not not!?


The easiest question ever - is it bad to set cron to every minute. Make it load/problems to system or not?
I’m running on Raspbian.
I understand that load making my scripts, but cron from itself?


Depends entirely on what is ran every minute.

Checks 5 on\off switches

Can you not put them all in a Group and create a rule to do whatever when a member of the group changes?

Thanks but it not a question.
I need only to know how heavy is cron)

OK, to answer your question; may be yes or may be no. It really does depend on what your cron task is doing.
How long your task going to run?
How powerful is the CPU?.
How much RAM has the OS got available?
What type of Disks your running?
Are you accessing the Network?
Do you have any other cron jobs?

5 on/off switches should never be a problem.

As everyone said, it depends on a lot of factors. But one thing I’ve not seen mentioned above yet is how many such rules you have running at the same time.

By default, there are only 2 threads allocated to Quartz, the scheduler. So all your cron rules, Timers, and Astro triggered rules all use this thread pool. So if these rules take a long time to complete or you have a bunch running at the same time it could be a problem.

But, a fast running rule running every minute, on its own, is no problem. But rules don’t run in isolation.

I did not knew it, but it is that, that i want to know!