[SOLVED] Danfoss LC-13 battery level

I am a novice OpenHab2 user.
My problem is that the temperature display and battery level for zwave binding and Danfoss LC-13 head, PaperUI displays correctly, while BasicUI displays only the temperature. No battery indication.
I have installed OpenHab 2.4.0, Banana Pi M3.

my .items:
Number Danfoss_temp “Temperatura [%.1f ℃]” (Ogrzewanie) { channel=“zwave:device:2ec51e50:node9:thermostat_setpoint_heating” }
Number Danfoss_bat “Stan baterii [%d %%]” (Ogrzewanie) { channel=“zawve:device:2ec51e50:node9:battery-level” }

my .sitemap
Setpoint item=Danfoss_temp label=“Temperatura [%.1f ℃]” minValue=4 maxValue=28 step=0.5
Text item=Danfoss_bat label=“Stan baterii [%d %%]” icon=“batterylevel”

Maybe it’s a trivial problem, but I’ve been fighting it for several days.
I searched the forum and found nothing about it.
I am asking for forgiveness for a beginner and help.


you have a typo in your items file:
“zawve" should be “zwave”

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Oh, how stupid …
Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Everything is OK :slight_smile: