[SOLVED] Davis Binding for Openhab2

Hello Everybody

I hava a Davis Vantage Pro2 Weatherstation. With openhab1 I used the davis1 plugin to access the data. When I search for Davis in the binding-section of Openhab2 I get the link to:

but when I search the Davis Binding in PaperUI, I can’t find nor install it. Is this binding available in OH2? Following the instruction it should be there as the configuration is made in the file “services/davis.cfg”. Do I have to install the binding manually?

Thanks for your help!

It should be listed. If not, go to PaperUI > Configuration > System and make sure both “Access Remote Repository” and “Include Legacy 1.x Bindings” are turned on.

Hello Rich
thanks for your hint. Both are checked as “on” but i can not find the davis binding.

When i check/etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg both settings are also set:

remote = true
legacy = true
binding = mqtt,astro,owntracks,network,onewire1,snmp,davis1

In PaperUI I see 1.x Addons like

Alarm Decoder Binding
binding-alarmdecoder1 - 1.9.0

When I check http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings.html I see the Davis-Binding on the left side navigation, but when I search for Davis in the Overview-Site, it is no listed. Is the Davis-Binding openhab2 ready?

thanks for your help!

If you are using addons.cfg you should not install new bindings through PaperUI. addons.cfg takes precidence and any new binding you install in PaperUI will immediately be uninstalled. The fact that you have it listed in addons.cfg is sufficient to have this binding installed.

The Davis Binding is a 1.x version binding. The fact that it has an entry in the main docs means it has been tested to work with OH 2. However, it may not have been tested until after the 2,0 release. Are you running with 2.1 snapshot or 2.0 release?

I’m running ubuntu and installed it through apt-get. It is the 2.0 release

sudo dpkg -s openhab2

Package: openhab2
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: java
Installed-Size: 56600
Maintainer: https://community.openhab.org
Architecture: all
Source: openhab2
Version: 2.0.0-1

Is the Davis Binding available in 2.0 release?

I’m running 2.0 release also and I’m not seeing it in the list in PaperUI. It must have been tested after the release.

You can either switch to the SNAPSHOT repo and reinstall OH to pick it up or download the binding from here and drop it into your addons folder.

Great this worked thanks a lot!!


i have the same issue than you had. Could you give me some hints how to see my Davis Vantage Pro in openHAB2.3.0 built #1200. Have a Davis IP adapter and copied the Davis binding into the “addons” folder. But don’t see it in Paper UI and don’t know a way to configure it.

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Hi Willi,

I’m having a Davis-USB Adappter. Here my configs, maybe they can give you a hint:



String StationType “StationType: [%s]” (gDavis) { davis=“station_type” }
Number Receivers “Receivers: [%.0f]” (gDavis) { davis=“receivers” }

hope this helps?
best regards

Hi Frieso,

thanks for trying to help me. But I am not able to get it running.

Run openeHAB2.3.0_build #1208 under Windows 10

Have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 with IP adapter reporting to the Davis Weatherlink Net. On a different PC I can run local Weatherlink software. This can connect either using serial COM7 and it can also connect using the right IP and the MAC as local device ID.

Can ping my Davis station from my openHAB Win10 PC.

Do not yet see the binding but copied it into the addons folder and see that it is active using the Karaf console.

Do you have any additional hint for me? If the binding can only deal with serial connection, it might not work what I try? Do you see the binding somewhere in openHAB2.3.0?

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Hi Willi

Karaf shows the following:

openhab> bundle:list | grep Davis
201 │ Active │ 80 │ │ openHAB Davis Binding

As I’m using the USB Davis Adapter, I had also to configure a Serial Port, as described here:


Just as an idea: can you mount your device as a virtual “com” device and connect to it?

best regards

Hi Frieso,

obviously i have a different version here. Karaf is showing:

openhab> bundle:list |grep -i davis
252 | Active | 80 | | openHAB Davis Binding

Will further try and let you know if i got it.

Best regards,


I am about to buy a Davis Vantage Vue or a Vantage Pro 2. I am using the 2.4 release of OpenHAB and am somewhat new to openhab (or at least new to 3rd party bindings).

That link to the binding isn’t working and I tried to search it on OpenHAB and can’t find it. Can you please point me to the binding?

Also, can someone please help me with what dongles/network attachments I would need to buy with the weather station to make it work with openhab?

Thanks in advance!

A lot has changed in that time.

It would seem that no one has ever promoted this binding to be listed as an official 2.x binding. I don’t know if that is because of a problem with the binding or no one has gotten around to it. It appears not to be a well used binding.

You can download it from https://dl.bintray.com/openhab/mvn/org/openhab/binding/org.openhab.binding.davis/1.13.0/:org.openhab.binding.davis-1.13.0.jar and drop it into your addons folder.

I appreciate the quick response and the link. I guess I need some advice then. If this warrants starting a new thread i will do that.

Bigger picture, i am looking to buy a weather station and use it (and specifically the rain gauge) to control how often my irrigation system runs.

Currently I don’t have a weather station or a smart irrigation controller so i will be buying both of these and will have to know that i can make them work with OpenHAB. Is there anyone that can confirm that they have their Davis weather station (or other brand) working with the full release 2.x version of OpenHAB?

Any advice is appreciated!

For those of you reading this thread later, i believe there is a typo in the above link. Correct link is posted below:


I’m having a Vantage Pro using this Binding with OH 2.5 and it Works. It sometimes throws an error in the log but I get all the data I need from the Binding. Just for Info.

Thanks for the response. Is it safe to assume that if the binding works with the OpenHAB 2.5 then it will work with 2.4? @rlkoshak

@frieso what adapter are you using to hook the Vantage Pro to OpenHAB? One last question, can you track the cumulative rainfall over a period of time with OpenHAB? Like how much did it rain in the last week?

Probably. If it doesn’t work, probably the 1.12 version would work.

Thanks! I am buying this unit because it works with OpenHAB so if it doesn’t, its a deal breaker.