[solved] Delete my fork of openhab2-addons


I have made a stupied action: I had delete my fork of openhab/openhab2-addons.
If I want to refork it, I got a error: "You already have a fork of this repository:…"
I have searched the internet for hours, but I found no solution.

Has someone a idea how I can get back my fork.


Hi Stefan,

Do you still have your local clone? If so, does it work to simply push it back to Github?


Thanks Kai,

this not work.
If I Push my “origin” it is not a fork but a public repro of my account.
The link (fork) to openhab/openhab2-addons is missing (no PR be able).
I found out: If you delete your fork on github.com there is no way to go back.
I have contact the suport of github.com. The suport has restored my repro from the backup and now it works again.


Very glad to hear that!