[SOLVED] Deprecated methods in BaseThingHandler

Hi all,
I just noticed that initialize() and handleUpdate() methods in BaseThingHandler are deprecated.
It would be great if there is suggestion which methods to use instead of these two inside the coding maybe as a comment inside / above the method.

For initialize() there is this warning message inside: “BaseThingHandler.initialize() will be removed soon, ThingStatus can be set manually via updateStatus(ThingStatus.ONLINE)”
Does that mean that for the quick initialize we can use now the constructor instead of this method?
I remember it was suggested to do the fast initialization in initialize() instead of constructor before…


„Deprecated“ probably is the wrong word. The implementation in the BaseThingHandler Is deprecated and will be removed, probably they will be abstract. Using them in derived classes is the right way to go, calling super.initialize() is wrong.

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Oh. OK. Then that makes sense. If they’re abstract that should be fine for my stuff…
Thanks for th explanation !