[SOLVED] Designer for MAC freezes

Hi everbody,

maybe you can help me out here. I was running the Designer 0.8 on a Mac with Sierra, Java 1.8.112 (i guess) and installed lately Eclipse IDE (most recent version Oxygen 1A) togehter with an update of Java 1.8.152. Since then I cannot use the designer anymore. Soon as the main window has loaded, it becomes completely unresponsive. I even need to force-close it. Clicking on just anything does nothing.

I tried to figure out if the java version or the additional installation of the Eclipse IDE is known to interfere with the designer, but did not find any information about that.

So any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot


At this point in time, I would recommend switching over to the VSCODE editor and openHAB plugin rather than fighting to make ESHD work.


ESHD is basically end of life. No further development will be done on it, it is already way behind and it will only continue to become more so over time. With the upcoming 2.2 stable release (or in the current SNAPSHOT if you are adventurous) it even now supports syntax checking so not only is it feature complete with ESHD it is far superior and it will become the default recommended editor with this next release I believe.

NOTE: Do not confuse VSCode with Visual Studio. VSCode is cross-platform, very light-weight, and open source, I beleive.

Rich, you are amazingly helpful as always :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, this I did not know. The official website still shows only the ESHD with no idea of it being EOL.

Have a great evening

It has been one of those things. It has frankly been end of life since the failed attempt to update it to version 0.9 which broke all the Items. There had been no real progress on it after that happened (a year ago maybe) and then kuba came along with his VSCode plugin. I don’t think anyone officially made the decision to end of life it so much as no one wanted to work on it and something better came along. It was going to be end of lifed anyway once the Experimental Rules Engine stops being Experimental.

They have just now got the syntax highlighting going with VSCode’s Language Server approach so now VSCode is feature complete with ESHD.

When you look at the docs, it now lists VSCode at the top. After this release, I suspect ESHD will be removed from the docs entirely.

I see. So one needs to know, which sources of information are “more valid” (or just more recent) than others. Guess for the guys being heavily active in this forum, it surely has been obvious for a long time already.

Since I am happy with my OH2 just doing it’s job on my production server while not having the time to play around (and break things) currently, I did not pay much attention to the discussions here for some month. So this important development just kind of “slipped through” :wink:

ps: To me the VSC solution looks a little bit more complicated. But I am not a developer, so I might need to spend some more time with it to get used to the new look and feel.