[solved]Development on Paper UI - changes in GUI

Hello i tried to work with the Paper UI. Add a Button , change some colors etc… But i don’t get anything.
Changes in the file /smarthome/extension/ui/org.eclipse.smarthome.ui.paper/web-src/index.html effect nothing.

What i have to do to change anything in the Paper UI .


You don’t add buttons through PaperUI.
You have to use sitemaps, either autogenerated (just click on BasicUI or ClassicUI from the start screen) or manually configured. But that means you have to configure “Things”, “Channels” and “Items” bound to channels first.

For an overview take a look at:

I mean not to use PaperUI, but rather to evolve the GUI. I solved this with a Maven build and use the new web folder. I was a bit stupid ^^ :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t see the development tag … :sunglasses: