[SOLVED] Dimmer Bulb Press Off Twice before Turning On

Platform information:
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B+
OS: Latest Openhabian (as of 29/08/2019)

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone has experienced this, I have two dimmer bulbs (domitech zwave b22) and have this strange bug where I have to press off twice before I can turn the bulb back on. I recorded a video showing the behaviour:

All of my normal plug switches work as expected, it’s just the dimmer bulbs. I added the dimmer slider on another habpanel layout and when you press the off button the slider goes to zero then jumps to 51%, however the light is off IRL.
This wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t have to then press the button twice to turn it back on.

I don’t have any rules set up, and it also behaves exactly the same in paperui and habmin!

Any advice would be great, thank you for your time!

It appears that the bulb is having issues reporting it’s status.
I have tagged this thread as z-wave to get additional assistance.

Thanks for the response, this has helped me to find a thread on another forum where they mentioned about changing the polling. It was set to 1 day, I’ve changed it to 10 minutes (seems to be the lowest time available) and after 10 minutes it changes itself to ‘true’ off. Though it isn’t perfect, say if i enter/exit a room within those 10 minutes it still requires the double press.

I think the lowest time is really 15 seconds if I remember correctly. However, this would be a bad idea to use this as it will congest your system.

Probably you need to increase the “command repoll period” (I forget exactly what it’s called in the UI). This defaults to 1.5 seconds (1500ms) and if you increase it to something a little longer (maybe 3 seconds) it might solve your issue.

I changed the poll period back to 1 day (default). I have changed ‘Command Poll Period’ from it’s default (1500) to 2500 and it appears to have fixed the problem. 3000 felt a bit too long and 2000 was too short to register the state change properly.

Thank you @chris and @Bruce_Osborne for all the help. Now I understand what these settings mean I can tinker with this if it happens on any other new devices I may add.