[ Solved ] Does openHabCloud accept e-mail addresses with a '+' symbol? ... No!

I set up an openHabCloud account last night and it seemed to be working ok. This morning I can’t log on. Also … I never received any type of confirmation to my gmail account.

I have tried re-setting password … but again, no e-mail to my gmail account.

Is the fact that I am using a ‘+’ in my e-mail address causing a problem. (E.g. my_email_address+openHabCloud@gmail.com)

I tried to re-register … and it is telling me UUID has already been used :frowning:

Not sure where to go from here? Re-generate my UUID / Secret and start again?

There was a time in the past that this was not supported. If you had trouble I would assume it is still not.

Mmm. I think you must be right … otherwise I would have seen something.

So I think that I need to re-generate my UUID and secret and register with a vanila e-mail address.

Yep or just use your gmail without the plus.

Yes … but I do think I have to re-generate by UUID and Secret … because when I went to register without the ‘+’ in the email the website said “UUID already in use”.

So although I don’t seem to be able to use that e-mail address … the website has registered something that I can no longer access.

I think I just need to de-instal and re-instal the OpenHab cloud connector to get a UUID / Secret (I think?)

No, it will let you sign up, but not log in.
I got caught out with it a while back, ended up generating a new UUID to get around the problem.

Ha! OK. It sounds like I made a predictable mistake. I will go ahead and re-generate and re-join.

Is there a place to make suggestions for the OpenHab Cloud website … as this would be an easy thing to detect and warn when accounts are created?