[Solved] Echo Control Binding - huge delay from sendCommand to output

I have been using the echo control binding since oh 2.x and everything worked fine.
But for three weeks now there is a huge delay between sendCommand and the output on the echo dot speakers. Not just seconds, it’s up to 10min(!) or even more.
Nothing had changed, but i think it started after a power failure.
So today i installed OH 3.3 on a different windows machine and activated echo control v3.2.14, but still the same. There are no errors in the log file.
I really don’t get whats going on.
Any ideas / suggestions?

What i’ve tried in the meantime:

  • Anti virus protection and firewall deactivated
  • amazon account switched to 2FA
  • server directly connected to the router

Nothing has changed, still not working as expected.
Maybe the DEBUG-Level output may help?

Ok… for everyone who might find this post in the future:
The mesh network stopped working properly.
I don’t know why the only thing that didn’t work was TTS, but after a reboot everything works fine again.

In fact, this happened again about three weeks ago. Partial delays in the voice output of 90min.

Again everything restarted, then even openhab reinstalled on a new server, network cabling checked and changed, no improvement.
Finally tts disabled and output changed to openhab - webaudio and google minis.

I then came across a similar message with the Hue binding and changed two things:

  • disabled all unused bindings(IPCam-Binding, DLink, HTTP-Binding, Exec-Binding)
  • runtime.cfg changed: org.openhab.threadpool:thingHandler = 20

Now everything works perfectly again.