[SOLVED] [Eclipse] Can't open bndrun editor

Hi together,

I have the problem, that i am not able to launch the bndrun editor after doing a fresh eclipse install.

  • I do the fresh install
  • I wait for startup tasks to be finished
  • i set up my git remotes to get my PR-Branch into eclipse
  • I rebuild the bom list
  • i try to open app.bndrun and it freezes

I have reproduced this on two frsh installations now.
(Working on Windos 10 - 64 bit)

Has anyone similar problems or already a solution?
A search for bndrun in the forum didn’ find suitable topics.

Did a fresh install yesterday but did not face this issue.

It loaded now after over 10 minutes. :man_shrugging:

Now my resolution fails and i am googling again.
Two days with many hours without working debug setup are really frustrating.

There is an issue in GH for IDE setup…

I have looked here and somewhere in github and didnt recognise this one.

We should really pin a collection of current gh issues here.
If you look at this forum area, there are many people who are looking for the right place to read/discuss about it.

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There is some work done on getting the ide experience improved, as this is not yet fully completed the information isn’t all in one place yet. The eclipse documentation is rather complete, but not optimal. Here are 2 comments from the mentioned github post that describe steps to get a better experience:

Part of these steps are not needed soon I hope as there is a pr pending to improve things with the eclipse setup.


I often see that long delay when opening the bndrun editor. Not always. If you check, java is using 100% (or more) CPU and busily doing something.

I go do something else for a while.

With the latest update, removing openhab2-addons dependency from demo app, I don‘t see those delays anymore.
Just did a complete fresh install of my dev VM today, which worked flawlessly.
Just one side note, I have chosen eclipse 2019-09 in my installation.

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I have reinstalled the ide now without the openhab2-addons and this increases loading time of the bndrun significantly.

But i have still some resolving conflicts. (Which for sure could be caused by my binding too. :man_shrugging:)
Without my binding added the resolving seems to work now.
Somethign i have to dig into now on my own.

Anyway i wanted to give my feedback about leaving out the openhab2-addons option.
I think this increases the user experience very well.

I’m sure you meant decreases :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol. Of course you are right.

I could simply say it increases the loading time experience to rescue this typo. :smiley:

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